neet Spring/Summer Collection Is Here


When is NEET?
October 12, 4-10PM

Where is NEET?
Manoa Grand Ballroom located at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii

2454 S Beretania St 5th Flr, Honolulu, HI 96826

What is NEET?
The word is derived from Japanese Culture, it's an acronym for "Not Employed, Educated, or in Training". The american equivalent could be "bum" and is commonly used as a derogatory insult. We chose this word because it's a reflection of what we are. People who aren't in school and taking a different route to accomplish our dreams of living off of our craft. We want people to not be afraid of taking risks for their dreams, and the first step is by being able to laugh about simple derogatory labels.

 What is going to be at NEET?
Our main focus is the local artists and vendors. They will be selling their works and advertising their brands. Along with this, we are collaborating with many people to bring entertainment.  As well as local food vendors selling snacks and meals such as gyoza and okonomiyaki.

What are the benefits of Pre-Registration?
Those who pre-register will be placed in a pre-registration only line and get in faster to enjoy NEET to it's full extent!

What do I do if I Pre-order anything?
All pre-orders will be available for pickup at the official NEET Store Located in the Marketplace.

If I do Pre-Register what do I need to Pick-up my badge?
All you will need is a valid state ID or driver's license.

Can I Vend at NEET?
Slots will be opening to the public on September 14 12AM HST.

Who is that cat girl all over the page?
Her name is Tomi! She is our mascot and resident NEET.

Any other questions or concerns can be directed to